Could One Yoga Pose Improve Scoliosis Cobb Angles?

I found a link on the Scoliosis Warriors Facebook page, today, to an article on Medical News Today about a study regarding doing side planks to treat scoliosis.  I’ve had my daughters doing side planks as part of their exercise routine for a few months now, but we’re doing a balanced approach (same amount of time on each side).  In this study, abstract found here, they had the patients only do the side plank with the convexity downwards.

According to the abstract, all 19 patients (some with AIS and some with degenerative scoliosis), saw improvement.  I’m trying to obtain the full study to see if more details are given, like what to do about an S curve with (i.e. with a convexity on each side).  I’ll make an update if I find something material.

Side Plank

Update (6/9/2015):  A friend provided the complete study, mentioned above.   While providing more details about the specific measures and improvements of those in the study, insufficient details are provided to be sure of precisely replicating the treatment based on the various curve types.  To get advice specific to your curve, you likely need schedule an appointment with Dr. Fishman.  For our part, we continue to keep side planks as part of our therapy regimen.

Disclaimer:  I am not, in any way, medically trained and you should seek professional medical advice before making any decisions based on information found here.

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2 Responses to Could One Yoga Pose Improve Scoliosis Cobb Angles?

  1. Brian schebye says:

    I can send the paper to you if you want?


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