Full Spinal X-Ray at About a Week’s Natural Radiation Exposure!

This is an important update to my earlier post on reducing x-ray exposure.

EOS-imaging now has what they call micro-dose technology which can, purportedly, allow for a full spine x-ray at approximately the same amount of radiation as the natural radiation exposure a person gets just living on earth for a week.  And, this is about 4% (depending on the height of the subject) as much radiation as a standard full spine x-ray!

Radiation Levels

I’ve been told, by an x-ray technician, this method is not advised for initial diagnosis (I’m guessing because there could be subtleties which may not be seen by this method, such as some of the potential causes for functional scoliosis).  However, after the initial diagnosis, this method may be used and has the potential to very significantly limit radiation exposure for children undergoing years of treatment for scoliosis.

I encourage people to ask their doctor about this and, if applicable, to use this site to find the EOS Imaging machine nearest you.  Many Children’s hospitals now have this technology.

Also, I caution to check whether the specific EOS machine, at the given location, has the micro-dose technology.  Many of these locations may pre-date the availability of micro-dose and I haven’t determined if the existing machines were compatible with the new method.

For full disclosure, I have NOT, as of the time of this writing, invested in EOSI (the EOS Imaging Stock) but, having just noticed the investors link on their page, I’m considering it.

My Standard Disclaimer:  I am not medically trained, in any way, and you should seek professional medical advice before making any decisions based on information found here.

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