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The Curve Journeys to Date

It has been a long journey since our daughters were diagnosed with Scoli in 2013. For those who are wondering how their curves have progressed, I’ll provide the following tables of data. Daughter A has a single thoracolumbar curve.  The … Continue reading

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Could One Yoga Pose Improve Scoliosis Cobb Angles?

I found a link on the Scoliosis Warriors Facebook page, today, to an article on Medical News Today about a study regarding doing side planks to treat scoliosis.  I’ve had my daughters doing side planks as part of their exercise … Continue reading

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Scoliosis Measures to Track

As a parent or patient with AIS, you want to be able to answer questions like: Is a curve progressing? Is it progressing more during growth periods?… how much per inch of growth? How effective is a new brace? Is … Continue reading

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Terminology – Scoliosis Condition Specific

(click illustrations to see their source) Angle of Trunk Rotation (ATR): The most commonly discussed aspect of scoliosis is the side to side curve (see Cobb Angle) but scoliosis also comes with a trunk rotation.  This is actually what screeners … Continue reading

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