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Therapy/Exercises: How to Be Sure They’re Done Without Nagging

In my opinion, even if you don’t believe therapy exercises can help reduce curve progression, torso strengthening exercises should be performed by braced children to help prevent atrophy which could be caused by being braced for 18 to 21 hours … Continue reading

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The Curve Journeys to Date

It has been a long journey since our daughters were diagnosed with Scoli in 2013. For those who are wondering how their curves have progressed, I’ll provide the following tables of data. Daughter A has a single thoracolumbar curve.  The … Continue reading

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ApiFix: New, Less Invasive, Surgical Treatment for AIS

I found this story about ApiFix on Business Wire, here.  Its a new type of surgical treatment for scoliosis where a ratchet device is inserted. Though we’re not at a point of considering surgery for our girls, I try to … Continue reading

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Exercises and Stretching for Scoliosis

Though our girls wear braces, we don’t put all our “stock” in these.  We believe specific stretches and exercises can actually help the scoliosis.  But, at a minimum, we think brace wearers should do some core strengthening just to offset … Continue reading

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Could One Yoga Pose Improve Scoliosis Cobb Angles?

I found a link on the Scoliosis Warriors Facebook page, today, to an article on Medical News Today about a study regarding doing side planks to treat scoliosis.  I’ve had my daughters doing side planks as part of their exercise … Continue reading

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Terminology – Diagnostics and Pathology Related to Scoliosis Causation

The following are some terms I’ve encountered in studies of potential causes for non-idiopathic scoliosis.  I will continue to expand this list over time. Aetiology: A variant of etiology (see etiology, below) Contracture: Muscle Tightening; a permanent tightening or shortening … Continue reading

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Our Trip to Spinal Dynamics – Part 1

A couple weeks ago, my family spent a week at Spinal Dynamics, in Milwaukee, WI doing primarily Schroth but also some SEAS physical therapy training for my daughters’ scoliosis. For those who may not know, Schroth and SEAS (Scientific Exercise … Continue reading

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